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IWC Aquatimer Photoshop'D

By TLex What happens when an Aquatimer obsessive just happens be a wizard with Photoshop?

You get one man's creative take on one the greatest contemporary dive watches on the market today.

IWC passionate, George Tsatalios has certainly given his favorite watch company something to think about should they ever need any inspiration for expanding the Aquatimer family.

Some of the creations such as the 2000m GMT, the 2000 Alarm, the Chrono Ceramic (top) or even the Rattrapante Chrono (above) are very appealing.

Others such as the Aquatimer Moon Phase (above) might take a little more persuading to get the green light from IWC!

Certainly food for thought, though. My thanks to George for allowing me to share his great work with us.

Here's to more of his Aquatimer creations; perhaps an Aquatimer OceanicTime Edition!

© George Tsatalios