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By TLex H2O take their customization philosophy to the next level! INTRODUCING the new H2O ORCA Series. ONE watch, FIVE completely different looks that can be achieved within in a matter of seconds thanks to an innovative patent pending modular system with FIVE user exchangeable outer cases that fit onto ONE inner watch module.

Its design and construction was made entirely in-house by H2O engineers. If we disregard anything that is currently available from SWATCH or any other fashion watch brands it is the only system of its kind currently on the market today!

THINNER 13.50mm flat sapphire front glass / 15.50mm highly domed sapphire front glass

SHORTER 51.00-54.00mm

HARDER hardened 316L / 7x harder compared to normal 316L

FIVE different outer cases

TWO different inner cases with flat or highly domed crystals

TWO different 120-click bezels with sapphire or stainless steel inlays / each bezel and case can be combined (except H2O ORCA MONO case)

THREE different dials incl. sandwich / 2 unique handsets

FIVEmm thick, 2-sided (round+straight styling) bracelet with HEX-screws and highly decorated micro-adjustment clasp

Stay tuned more soon. Follow the H2O Orca discussion on WUS . . .

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