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ANONIMO Professionale Chrono GOLD

By TLex ANONIMO’s flagship diver, the Professionale Chrono gets the gold treatment! The case of the new Professionale Crono Oro is for the first time in 15 years crafted from 18 karat gold, more than 120 grams of it. And as if to address the balance Anonimo have used their DRASS ‘Double Refinished Anonimo Steel Surface' treatment for its fixed bezel.

The gold case certainly makes the Professionale a more luxurious watch, but don't be fooled, this is still an incredibly capable diver. It was built in collaboration with the C.N.S.'Cooperative Nazionale Sommozzatori'. And with a water-resistance of 1'200 meters it is still one of the deepest rated chronograph watches on the market. It looks gorgeous!

From ANONIMO With the Professionale Crono Oro, Anonimo Firenze marks its appearance in the world of haute watch making. This prestigious chronograph, with a case in 18 karat gold and drass, has been expertly designed to give it a stylish, masculine look. It is not only beautiful, but also a piece of professional diving equipment.

More than 120 grams of 18 karat gold have been incorporated into the watch case, making it a true luxury item. “Gold is a metal that performs faultlessly in an ocean environment. From a technical point of view, it is actually the best-performing metal under water. As a precious metal, gold is 100% rust free and also hypoallergenic. However, one important reason makes gold a rare choice for use in professional watches: it is extremely expensive. Thanks to the expertise of our workshops, which have been making watch cases since 1939, we have nevertheless succeeded in launching this unique watch,” explains Anonimo Firenze’s David Cypers.

The combination of a stainless steel bezel treated with drass to darken the colour of the metal is a construction method developed especially for this purpose by Anonimo Firenze. The procedure leaves the metal resistant to corrosion as well as non-reflective, a camouflage effect that is essential in military settings.

When Anonimo launched the Millimetri model in 1997, it promised to be the one true high-quality diver’s watch. Even so, each year the collection has seen the addition of a new model that has performed even better and is even more perfect than the ones that have come before. The Anonimo Firenze Professionale one of these. This professional diver’s watch is the product of intensive research and collaboration with the Cooperative Nazionale Sommozzatori (C.N.S.), one of the world’s biggest names in deep sea diving.

Thanks to this collaborative effort with C.N.S., Anonimo Firenze has been able to create a one-of-a-kind diver’s watch. The company had the opportunity to test its watches at extreme depths when professionals divers from the C.N.S. consistently wore Anonimo Firenze watches on their missions. Anonimo Firenze was also able to test one model at a depth of 2,100 metres, attaching it to a radio-operated submarine belonging to the famous Instituto Nazionale de Geofisica e Vulcanologica during a mission on Sicily’s Augusta coast in October 2002.

These tests helped Anonimo Firenze to adapt the models and to develop a diver’s watch like none that professional divers had ever seen before. It was based on that watch that Anonimo then developed its Professionale Crono chronograph, which is watertight to 1,200 metres. In turn, this watch was the starting point for the Professionale Crono Oro, also pressure resistant to 120 ATM.

The Anonimo Firenze Professionale series is a collection of watches that are suitable for professional use in the most extreme of conditions, hence the name Professionale.

Designs adhere to the stringent requirements set by the C.N.S.:
- extreme pressure resistance in watch cases;
- easy to repair in case of emergencies;
- outstanding clarity in the dark and in reduced light;
- an automatic helium release valve that can withstand erroneous operation in stress situations.

Based on these requirements, Anonimo Firenze developed an outsize case for the Professionale, and an automatic movement that has been exhaustively tested. The watch is dependable and ergonomically designed, and features a patented U-lock® locking system that is unusual for the watch industry and based on the deep sea applications typically employed by the C.N.S.

In contrast to traditional watches, this one features a torsion-free locking system that incorporates externally mounted screws. The great advantage of this is that the watch can be opened for adjustment without risk of loss of locking elements.

The Professionale’s helium release valve is fully automatic, eliminating every possibility for error in professional use and in stressful situations.

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