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Thomas Prescher DIVER?

By TLex Thomas Prescher has released a fun little teaser highlighting a number of items that he drew inspiration from for his latest project - due to be unveiled at Baselworld in March. Of those items, which includes Jules Verne's 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea' and Tutankhamen's tomb. Captain Nemo's sub, the Nautilus makes the strongest case for a diver. So could Thomas Prescher's latest timepiece really be a dive watch?

The evidence would certainly seem to be pointing in that direction, and given Thomas' recent collaboration with Aegir Watches for their special Edition of the CD-2 I am hopeful. There is even talk of 'diving technologies' in his text (below). When asked by an FB fan if it would be a diver, Thomas remained fairly tight lipped on the subject saying only this: ''A diving watch would somehow fit in the story. But there might be some other possibilities, too. I am sure we will discover if you are right, very soon.''

From TP Archeological sensation! Large metal capsule filled with historic artifacts discovered!It seems that leading underwater archaeologists have discovered a large metal capsule filled with a great amount of historical artifacts. The interesting thing is that the artifacts come from different time periods and most of them have no relationship to the place where they were found. All artifacts and the capsule itself are somehow connected to naval and diving technologies . . .

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