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H2O Kalmar 3Ti Damascus FixedBezel

H2O have released the latest model in their 3000m Kalmar exotic metals series. The 3Ti Damascus FixedBezel's case has been created by a specialist manufacturing process that laminates three grades of Titanium alloy.

Titanium Grade 2, Grade 4 and Grade 5 are layered together to produce a pattern that is very much reminiscent of Damascus Steel. Whilst the finish of the metal is visually stunning it remains quite subtle and easy on the eye. And because the watch is only made of Titanium it remains every bit as light as any other Ti Kalmar model.

This is the first time that this exotic material has been used in the watch-making industry, and as far as I know this is the first time that 3 Grades of Titanium have been combined in such a way. H2O once again bring us the rare and exotic!

Just 3 pieces of the Kalmar 3Ti Damascus FixedBezel have been produced - 33 were initially planned, however this was not possible due to the metal's tough manufacturing process, which was immensely time consuming and extremely costly.

All Kalmar 3Ti Damascus FixedBezel will come with a Titanium bracelet and Sapphire crystal display back, as well an H2O CNC buckle made from 3Ti Damascus. Please click HERE to be taken to H2O's Online Store or follow the icon below to find out more about H2O Watches . . .

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