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H2O Kalmar FIXED BEZEL (teaser)

By TLex Here's tantalizing little teaser video featuring a 3D rendering of the new H2O Kalmar 'Fixed Bezel' in a yet to be specified exotic material. Stay tuned for more . . .


MATWATCHES Divers Collection

By TLex With 20 years experience in the manufacture of mechanical watches, French watchmaker, MATWATCHES are specialized in the development of technical watches for use in the military, where their timepieces are constantly tested under the most extreme conditions.

Their timepieces are worn by elite groups of the military and police. With a list more than ten strong of specialized platoons and units, a veritable who's who of the French Special Forces, MATWATCHES have produce special edition timepieces for likes of . . .

Le 'COS' Commandement des Opérations Spéciales, ECTLO 'Commando Jaubert' Escouade de Contre Terrorisme et de Libération d'otages, 'ERS' Equipe Régionale d'Intervention et de Sécurité, 'SPHP' Le service de protection des hautes personnalités, 'RAID' Recherche Assistance Intervention Dissuasion and even le Groupe de sécurité de la présidence de la République, the security team that look after the safety of the French President.

MATWATCHES manufacture their watches in accordance to Swiss watch making traditions; providing performance and reliability, their watches are equipped with the high quality components and are built to serve Frances most elite forces. These watches are now accessible to the general public and as part of this new chapter in MAT’s history they are now launching with a new range of divers models.

MAT, which is an abbreviation of MER AIR TERRE (sea air land) have line of watches that includes three collections: Aviation, Commandos and their latest collection, Plongée (Diver), which is currently still in production. If I had to liken the new diver collection to anything, it would be a kind of cross between Bell & Ross and Breitling with a splash of SINN, although they really are their own thing.

The new collection divers, which are characterized by their matt black cases and orange bezel pips are based on the same 44mm x 15.5mm (16.5mm chrono) PVD coated 316L stainless steel case design with a total 8 versions, of which 4 are three handed automatics with ETA 2824-2 cals and 4 are chronographs with Valjoux 7750 cals.

The basic designs of the watches are the same; however MATWATCHES have a total of 5 different dial layouts with various dial markers and bezel markings. They even have options for left handers. The watch cases have a water-resistance of 300m (200m chrono) and are fitted with 2.8mm thick anti-reflective coated sapphire crystals.

MODELS (from top to bottom): AG5-1 auto with SL bezel markings, AG6-1 auto without SL bezel markings, AG6-2 auto (no date) with Arabic numerals and SL bezel markings, AG5-CH chrono with sub-seconds and SL bezel markings, AG6-CH chrono with sub seconds and without SL bezel markings, AG6-CHB chrono without SL bezel markings, AG5-CHL left handed chrono with SL bezel markings, AG5-CHL prototype left handed chrono with SL bezel markings, AG6-3 auto with mix of professional markers and Arabic numerals and without SL bezel markers.

PRICES range from 950€ (auto) to 1'800€ (chrono). I already have photos of the actual watches, which look superb and will be revealing them here shortly along with some words from MATWATCHES. For further details of the new diver collection and other MATWATCHES military timepieces please follow the link below . . .

UPDATE Pricing for 3 hands automatics such as; AG5-1, AG5-2, AG6-1 and AG6-3 is 950€ (inc. 19.6% French taxes).This price is includes 3 straps; 1X Italian made natural rubber strap, 1X tactical nylon strap, 1X MAT calfskin leather strap and a tool for strap changes. The watches ship from Paris, France by secure Speedpost - extra shipping fare 70€



If (as the H2O mantra goes) ‘Customization is EVERYTHING’, then diversity certainly comes a close second; diversity through the use of exotic metals and finishes. Damascus Steel now joins; Grade 5 Titanium, Anamorphic bead-blasted DLC, Mokume Gane and TiO2 as H2O’s latest venture into the world of metallurgy, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The best is most likely yet to come!

DAMASCUS Steel, which refers to the Medieval period between 300 BC and 1700 AD, describes a particular type of steel used in sword making of that era. Swords made of this steel were characterized by a distinctive mottling pattern. These swords were known not only to be extremely resilient and shatter resistant, but were capable of being honed to a sharp and tough edge.

Nowadays, Damascus Steel is used predominantly in knife making, and the fabrication of rare and exotic timepieces, where it is priced for its distinctive appearance. I have yet to come across its use in dive watch construction.

The Damascus Steel used by H2O Watches has been forged in much the same manner that was done by early sword makers. It should not be confused with modern Damasteel, also used in the knife industry and which is a far less labor intensive method of making steel that appears similar to Damascus Steel.

Initially H2O Watches have had some dials and bezel made from Damasucs Steel, but they will be offering a full Damascus Steel version of their 3000m Kalmar in the future. For further details on H2O Kalmar DLC Damascus Steel please contact H2O Watches directly or follow the link at the bottom of the post.



By TLex I have to admit it's a pretty long read, but the new Focal from DIEVAS Watches is something that they have put much into and are quite proud of and that's why they want share the FOCAL Story, so happy reading folks . . .

From DIEVAS Watches THE FOCAL STORY Our engineers at Dievas Uhren Technik have always adhered to the term progressive watchmaking. We thrive on improvisations to make new watches better than her predecessors. All these done in real time with feedback from sports/military professionals, horology enthusiasts and our watchmakers.

The pursuit of a robust and dependable watch began immediately after the release of the Dievas Vortex. One can now conveniently explore watch foras and reviews from actual owners to attest to the distinction of the Vortex. Not only does the watch exhibit unsurpassed high quality, aesthetically enticing but also presents impeccable value.

Shortly after, Dievas together with a high esteemed metallurgy company collaborate to bring the latest 6STEEL technology to the masses. Following both of our sold out 6STEEL watch models (THE REAPER AND VOYAGUER GMT), the Dievas FOCAL will be the first Dievas dive watch to inherit this new technical know-how.

The Focal point of the watch is the high spec watch case. Design based on a special 3 piece case construction, fabricated with high grade 316L stainless steel using the latest CNC technology. The 45mm x14.5mm (DxH) case is well defined with clean edges (traits of top quality machining). Each case is further refined by hand to attain that brilliance and sharpness usually associated with only the best. The case is then put through another QC check to eradicate the smallest of imperfections before going for the Dievas 6STEEL treatment.

One must know, 6STEEL is the hardening of the actual steel and not merely a foreign coating. Firstly, our premium 316L CNC watch case is heated in a mixture of carbon gases at precised low temperature to allow diffusion of atoms. This intricate process is duplicated repeatedly over long hours to superimpose supersaturation and concentration of carbon. The sudden immense energy from carbon atoms accumulation results in 30µm layered hardening of the case to 1300 Hv on the Vickers scale (6 times the original hardness of normal stainless steel).

The toughened case is then put through a vacuum chamber for plasma coating to elevate the corrosion resistance, particularly sea water and sweat immunity. This multi-layering is done to the whole watch including the back case, Nothing is left to chance to create that robust watch we want. Each Focal sit for at least 2 weeks in the hardening chambers and goes through another QC check before being transferred back to the atelier for assembly.

The case is adorned with a 60min timing bezel for professional diving use. The enlarged unidirectional bezel with distinct gear-edged pattern is chosen for easy operations when wearing diving gloves. Each minute click maneuver is engaged with precision and authority. Not the sightless slop between clicks.

The Focal is conservatively rated at 500 metres water resistance (WR). A double O-ring 8mm screw down crown occupies the lower left hand corner for easy time adjustments. The surface is sealed with a 4mm thick blemish-free Swiss grade dome sapphire crystal that is treated with military grade anti-reflective coating for improved readability. On the opposite end, screw down solid back case watertight the watch from the underside.

The watch is powered by the ever so reliable and proven Dievas/Swiss automatic 28,000bhp mechanical automatic movement, ETA-2824-2, modified to Dievas specifications which includes a custom Dievas DLC-treated CNC rotor. Each watch is adjusted to 5 positions to its maximum efficiency for the most accurate time telling by our experienced watchmakers.

For the watch dial, we designed an easy to read design whilst still maintaining a certain uniqueness akin to the Dievas flair. A dark gray surround encompasses 60 minute markers around the main dial which shows off an individualistic 12 o'clock marker. Over-sized watch hands which reads hours, minutes and seconds are chosen for easy readability especially when applied with luminous material . The dials and hands are filled with generous amount of Grade A Swiss SuperLuminova and will glow for hours enabling time telling in low light conditions. The date of the month is positioned on a cutout above the 6 o'clock marker.

To complete the package, we included a molded anti-static rubber strap 22mm, with a sturdy solid CNC-Machined stainless steel clasp with diver suit extension. This custom strap is made from pure Italian rubber, fill the lugs and contours around the wrist for improved wear and wrist presence. Accompanying the Focal is the water resistant carry case together with an additional waterproof leather strap and changing tool.

Our mission is to make an extremely durable watch suitable for the avid professional diver as well as military personnel. This means cutting down on watch-servicing intervals and bulking up the metallurgy composition. Every part of the watch including the caseback is hardened 6STEEL. Even if the watch is rated conservatively at 500 meters WR, each FOCAL is individually tested for way beyond its WR before leaving the factory to ensure a no-leak policy.

Every Focal watch will come with a 2-year international warranty. Admittedly, while the Focal's conservative appearance might appear too understated for some. Our goal is not to redesign the working mans utilitarian watch, rather we want to build a watch worthy to stand tallest amongst the competition, a watch that marries old artisan watchmaking passion with new world modern technology. A watch that is not merely a pretty face but possess real usability.

We will like the Dievas Focal to be known as the Serious, Simple watch.


RHEINMEISTER Colonia RC1000M 2ndLook

By TLex Here's second look at the RC1000M, which was recently brought to my attention again by a post on WUS. This attractive looking German diver is all about the details; dual track bezel teeth, hex-key lug and crown guard attachment, stepped dial and smart black double stitched alligator strap with chunky steel buckle.

The RC1000's 1.4435 [AISI 316L] stainless steel case measures 43.5mm by 13.6mm. It boasts 1000m of water-resistance, a 4mm thick AR coated sapphire crystal and ETA 2892.A2 automatic movement. It is presented in a black Pelican case and supplied with an additional black rubber divers strap and a steel mesh bracelet with butterfly deployant clasp. PRICE: 2'800€. It is a limited edition of 150 pieces.


By TLex New from ARMIDA, the A3 Diver has a 44mm 316L stainless steel case, 1500 meters of water-resistance, a domed sapphire crystal and an anti-magnetic shielded Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement with date function. The watch is available in two dial / bezel colors: black or blue and comes with an attractive brushed metallic handset. This is ARMIDA Watches' 3rd model.

For further details on the A1 and A2 divers please follow their respective links or the ARMIDA icon below. The A3 is priced at 699USD. However ARMIDA Watches are continuing with their generous 100USD discount offer for OceanicTime readers. To take advantage of this and order your A3 for 599USD, simply enter the coupon code 'OCEANICTIME' when placing your order with CCNOW.



By TLex PROMETHEUS Watch Company have teamed up with Spanish watch forum Relojistas to create a compressor cased diver. Prometheus were approached by the forum for their new project because of their experience with the Ocean Diver. The S80, which takes its name form the Spanish Naval class submarine is based on a vintage Jaeger LeCoultre Master Mariner Deep Sea. It will have 42mm diameter, a domed sapphire crystal, 300 meters of water resistance and a 22mm lug width.The internal bezel system will have a similar operation to that of the Ocean Diver.

A number of designs have been worked on; this is the latest and the one that will be closest to the final version. I'm not sure how many pieces the of the watch will be available, but pricing should go like this . . .

* 399€ Portugal and Spain with shipping and VAT tax inc.

* 409€ Rest of EU with shipping and VAT tax inc.

* 340€ Rest of World with shipping inc.



By TLex HELSON have released a chronograph version of the Blackbeard with playful skull 'n' cross bones small seconds. The watch, which has a water-resistance of 500m features a Valjoux 7750 that can be viewed through its exhibition caseback. For further details follow the link below . . .


Bell & Ross BR02-8 Infiniti CARBON Purple 8

By TLex The BR02-8 Infiniti CARBON Purple 8 is the product of an unlikely collaboration between French watchmaker, Bell & Ross and Japanese car manufacturer, Infiniti. Basically, what we have here is a BR02 CARBON Pro Dial with an all white handset, photo-luminescent second pointer and 8 marker and an Infiniti stamped caseback. Andy Palmer, Infiniti's Executive Vice President says: '' The Limited Edition BR02-8 Infiniti CARBON Purple 8 is a true celebration of our continued association with Bell & Ross, for which we are very proud.The new timepiece effortlessly embodies the unique qualities of both brands to offer discerning customers a rare and highly sought-after addition to their collection. ''

Further features of the Purple 8 include: photo-luminescent applied second hand pointer and eight hour marker (8 is an auspicious number in Asia) in the same distinctive purple color used for the Infiniti logo, which is engraved on the watch's steel caseback. Infiniti say that only 200 pieces of the BR02-8 Infiniti CARBON Purple 8 will be available worldwide from Infiniti Centers. MSRP 5080USD.