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If (as the H2O mantra goes) ‘Customization is EVERYTHING’, then diversity certainly comes a close second; diversity through the use of exotic metals and finishes. Damascus Steel now joins; Grade 5 Titanium, Anamorphic bead-blasted DLC, Mokume Gane and TiO2 as H2O’s latest venture into the world of metallurgy, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The best is most likely yet to come!

DAMASCUS Steel, which refers to the Medieval period between 300 BC and 1700 AD, describes a particular type of steel used in sword making of that era. Swords made of this steel were characterized by a distinctive mottling pattern. These swords were known not only to be extremely resilient and shatter resistant, but were capable of being honed to a sharp and tough edge.

Nowadays, Damascus Steel is used predominantly in knife making, and the fabrication of rare and exotic timepieces, where it is priced for its distinctive appearance. I have yet to come across its use in dive watch construction.

The Damascus Steel used by H2O Watches has been forged in much the same manner that was done by early sword makers. It should not be confused with modern Damasteel, also used in the knife industry and which is a far less labor intensive method of making steel that appears similar to Damascus Steel.

Initially H2O Watches have had some dials and bezel made from Damasucs Steel, but they will be offering a full Damascus Steel version of their 3000m Kalmar in the future. For further details on H2O Kalmar DLC Damascus Steel please contact H2O Watches directly or follow the link at the bottom of the post.

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