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LUMINOX Navy SEALs 3000 Series for Red Cross Japan Tsunami Aid Fund

By TLex LUMINOX have produced a special Limited Edition of their Navy SEALs 3000 Series DIVER for the Red Cross Japan Tsunami Aid Fund. The Navy SEALs A.3007.JTAF is based on the original 3000 Series, which was first introduced by Luminox in 1994, and is the dive watch that put Luminox on the map. Navy SEALs, Chief Nick North, the officer in charge of procurement for the Navy SEALs worked together with Luminox to develop a dive watch specifically for use by the SEALs.

Almost eighteen years later, and Luminox have not strayed from their original mission; today their watches are worn by many of the elite military and law enforcement units around the world. The 3000 Series is one of Luminox' best sellers, which makes it the perfect choice for such a gesture. The Special Edition Watch comes with a white dial with a Red Cross Japan Tsunami Aid Fund logo at 6 o'clock. All Luminox's own proceeds will go to the Japan Red Cross.

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