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IWC Aquatimer CHRONO Edition Jacques-Yves COUSTEAU (ad1)

By TLex IWC have launched a new advertising campaign in which its timepieces are rooted into a series of evocative images that bring them and their stories to life. Among the series that centers around a cinema spot and Swiss TV commercial are these two Aquatimer Chrono ads for the Jacques-Yves COUSTEAU and GALAPAGOS Editions complete with tongue-in-cheek slogans . . .

Engineered for men who get to the bottom of things . . .

Plenty of people love diving. And no one loved it more than Jacques-Yves Cousteau. As demonstrated by the documentaries he made that brought the beauty of the underwater world to living rooms the world over. Always with one goal in mind: to preserve the oceans. In his name, and with his legacy even in its diving equipment, the Cousteau Society has stood for these goals from 1974 until this day. And, since 2003, with IWC as a strong partner.

The two organisations put their skill and potential to work jointly. Ultimately, they are bound by a great tradition and represent the same basic values, such as the principle of sustainability. A glance at the Aquatimer Chronograph Edition Jacques-Yves Cousteau not only tells you the time. But also that it’s never too late to do something for the oceans.

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