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LINDE WERDELIN Oktopus MOONPHASE (time keeping for lycans & lunatics)

By TLex Lycans or werewolves as they are more commonly known, are mythological creatures that have the ability to shape shift from a human form into that of a wolf or similar wolf-like creature. The transformation is often associated with the appearance of the full moon, which arrives at the end of the 28 day lunar cycle.

Similarly in the 16th century the condition of being a lunatic, was attributed to intermittent bouts of insanity, that were said to have been triggered by the moon's cycle.

Folklore aside the moon is an incredible force of nature that plays an important role controlling the ocean and tides, which are most greatly affected by its gravity.

For the scuba diver, knowing when the next full moon will be can mean the difference between missing out on an incredible diving experience or not. Moonlight can create the perfect conditions for a spectacular night dive; increased marine activity, increased clarity of the water and a heightened sensation from diving in such conditions . . .

The LINDE WERDELIN Oktopus MOONPAHSE with is titanium case, rose gold bezel and photo luminescent ‘seven phases of the moon’ display is not just a beautifully designed, highly detailed and cleverly engineered dive watch; but a dive watch that offers the discerning scuba diver that something extra in terms of functionality and aesthetics . . .

To the casual werewolf, the Oktopus MOONPHASES’ Rose Gold bezel would for obvious reasons be welcomed over a silver one, and knowing when the next full moon is would certainly be a crucial factor in whether or not they were able to have themselves suitable incarcerated during the full moon period.

In turn it could be argued that a moon phase function could just as easily be used for determining, when a lunatic should be administered their next dosage; I’m off for mine now . . . Happy Halloween!

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