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ENNEBI Fondale BRONZO (first look)

By TLex Here's a sneak peek at a couple of technical drawing of the new ENNEBI Fondale BRONZO. The Fondale BRONZO as its name suggests will be constructed from bronze. This will be patinated bronze, so that the finish of the metal will have already been aged to produce warmer darker tones. The watch itself is based on the regular Fondale, however it will set itself apart from other Fondale not just by its case material, but with a first for ENNEBI . . .

SAPPHIRE This will be the first time the Italian watch company has used Sapphire crystal instead of organic crystal. Two Fondale BRONZO models will be produced. Ref. 9680, which will have a turning bezel and a water-resistance of 1000 meters and Ref. 9681, which will have a fixed bezel and a water-resistance of 500 meters.

OPTIONS A number options will be made available: Three dial colors; olive green, matt black or red-brown. Three dial markings: 3, 6, 6, 12 Arabic numerals with baton markers or 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 Arabic numerals with baton markers or 3,6,9, 12 Arabic numerals with triangular markers.

CROWN The crown will be made of bronze, but with a Palladium, Gold or Silver medal inlay, which could have either of the following designs: an ENNEBI logo, the Malta Cross, a 5-pointed star, a square and compass or a parachute and dagger.

CASEBACK The case back will have the Italian flag engraved on it and filled with green, white and red enamel; in the spaces between the flag and the reference, on request, it will be possible to engrave the name of the owner or a motto.

BEZEL The rotating bezel of Ref. 9680 will have one of the following pips used in a matching material to that of the crown medal. The design could take on either a Triangular pip, a Skull, a Divers Helmet, Star Cross or Parachute.

LIMITED The Fondale BRONZO is made in a limited edition of 72 watches. For more on ENNEBI Instruments follow the icon below . . .

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