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DOXA Shark Ceramica XL (forbidden diver)

By TLex After seeing the new DOXA Shark Ceramica XL being branded about on a couple of the forums recently, I couldn't resist some further investigation into this new Doxa diver. Although, this is not from the DOXA brand that we all know and love; none of legendary SUB models feature in the Doxa Asian line up, which includes several derivatives from Rolex and the like. The watches will likely never be available in the west. But are available to buy from specialized show-rooms across mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The DOXA showroom in Taipei told me that their collection of DOXA watches were only available to tour groups visiting from mainland China (insert puzzled facial expression)! I wonder if this market have even heard of the legendary DOXA name, anyway?! Maybe that's because they don't have a suitable brand ambassador . . .

I guess like all great watch brands DOXA in Asia needed a charismatic ambassador, to help carry its great name! The icing on the cake for me has to be the carefully posed yet somewhat worrying image of Chinese movie star, Alex Fong Chung Sun (below). There's a better one of him on the DOXA site with a bunch of flowers in hand . . . you can't make this stuff up!

Still the DOXA Shark Ceramica XL intrigues me. It clearly has no DOXA DNA and Swiss Chinese through and through, but it ain't too shabby looking, either. I wonder if I'll get to handle one? Click HERE for full details on the forbidden diver . . .

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