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BLANCPAIN X Fathoms (sneak peek3)

By TLex The latest BLANCPAIN X Fathoms TEASER #2 reveals what looks very much like a depth gauge divers watch; could this be what the new X Fathoms is? And could this explain the mystery honeycomb mesh 'no radiations' thingamabob; a possible depth sensor? It would make sense for BLANCPAIN to release a mechanical depth gauge to head up their diving series as have Jaeger-LeCoultre with their Master Compressor DIVING Pro Geographic or IWC with the DEEP TWO. Whatever the X Fathoms may be, it's quite a departure from the classic Fifty Fathoms, but one that promises to deliver something truly exceptional.

Also see BLANCPAIN X Fathoms sneak peek, sneak peek2, teaser #1. Stay tuned for more, and remember you saw it on OceanicTime first!

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