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H2O Kalmar GMT DLC (new bezels / new handsets)

By TLex H2O Watches are now offering three NEW bezels and two NEW handsets for their Kalmar GMT DLC. The bezels are as follows: DLC filled with SL BGW9 markers in either 24hr, 10min or 5min scales. The blue luminous material will match the hands and dial markers.

The handsets are as follows: set of four chromed with SL BGW9, set of four metallic silver with SL BGW9. These new configurations are in limited supply. H2O have a total of just nine pieces, which are as follows . . .

3x H2O Kalmar GMT in DLC with chromed handset
3x H2O Kalmar GMT in DLC with metallic silver handset

3x H2O Kalmar GMT in DLC with black hour / orange min / black+orange second

Please email H2O Watches directly to check for pricing and availability. For further details on H2O Watches please follow the link at the bottom of the post . . .

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