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H2O Kalmar DLC TiO2

By TLex H2O Watches are once again pioneering the use of new exotic metals and finishes for their dive watches; this time with a simple yet highly effect aesthetic enhancement known as, Titanium heat treating. This is an industrial process, where Titanium is heated to extremely high temperatures in order to increase its ductility; in other words to make Titanium, which is a fairly hard metal easier to work with.

TiO2 This process can also be carried out to achieve an incredible array of colors through rapid oxidation, that takes place during heating. Without getting too technical, the Titanium reacts with oxygen to create TiO2, a clear oxide that filters out light waves producing a spectrum of brilliant colors. Depending on how hot you heat the titanium would dictate which specific color tones are achieved. Blues are usually hotter, whereas bronze tones are cooler; purples are somewhere in between.

DIY Theoretically you could just stick your un-lumed H2O bezels and crown guards over a hot stove, couldn’t you? Yes, but because Titanium is so sensitive to contaminants such as air, dust, grease or moisture, and because overheating could cause deformity, meaning that your components might not fit back on the watch case properly after heat treatment it is probably best left to the experts.

INDUSTRY FIRST I have seen heat treated titanium components used in the automotive industry before, but have yet to come across them in the watch industry. The end result although dramatic is really quite beautiful, and because the Kalmar can be so easily reconfigured there is no risk of becoming tired with your new heat treated components, when the mood or situation takes you, you simply reconfigure your Kalmar. This is H2O’s philosophy, to give their timepieces the ability to transform and take on whatever appearance their wearer decides, and this is what makes H2O such an interesting choice.

COMING SOON H2O Watches are now working to produce a whole new range of TiO2 bezels and crown guards for the future. However these components aren’t yet available. But, when they are you could expect to find a number of color finishes, each of them slightly different from the next.

ONE OF A KIND For the moment H2O are offering this one of kind Kalmar DLC TiO2 with stunning heat treated Titanium bezel and crown guard set. Interested parties should email H2O Watches directly to check for pricing and availability. First come first served! For further details on H2O Watches please follow the link at the bottom of the post.

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