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RESCO Bullfrog Heritage (first look)

By TLex Here's a first look at RESCO's new 'Bullfrog Heritage', which marks 50yrs of US Naval Special Warfare from 1962 - 2012. In this vein the watch's dial will sport either the SEALs Team famous UDT Bullfrog logo or the US Navy SEALs insignia. Its case measures 42mm with 22mm lugs. It will house a Swiss automatic movement, not sure which one yet, but most likely a 2824-2 or similar. The watch will be built in a limited edition of 200 pieces. Prices range from 2450USD (steel) to 2750USD (PVD).

Design-wise there's a fair amount going on; some elements work better than others, though. I like the oversised crown, who doesn't, and the oversized markers will offer great legibility and most likely killer lume (literally the enemy will spot you a mile off!). But for whatever operational needs aside, the huge 3 o'clock dial marker, which will no doubt be very easily distinguishable from others, is a little over the top.

I usually like sub-seconds, but this one's looks a little odd to me. Aesthetically the 60-min time scale doesn't work for me, but again there must be some benefit operationally. There's no continuity between the design of the bezel teeth and the crown, which I can live with, but the wave pattern is a little out of place on this watch. I kind of like the way the strap looks so thin and tapered, most won't, but I always feels this accentuates the size of the watch case.

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