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BOSCHETT Harpoon (first look)

By TLex BOSCHETT Timepieces have unveiled their latest divers project on WUS. I like what I'm seeing so far; there are a couple of interesting design features. Firstly, if you look carefully at the left lateral sides of the case at the '3' and '9' you'll notice there are slight recesses, where the crown and HEV have been placed. This gives the case a nice balanced feel and makes a bit of a feature of an otherwise fairly ordinary HEV.

You can't see it in the drawings here, but the bezel will have a slight lip to it, which will rise up by a couple of millimeters offering added functionality. For those, who like a more traditional style bezel, a second will be included as standard with the Harpoon. BOSCHETT will incorporate a harpoon style second hand to tie in the name 'Harpoon'. At the moment this needs a little tweaking, but I really like it and hope they will stick with it.

The Harpoon will house an ETA 2824 and will measure 45mmx 15.5mm x 52mm with 24mm lugs. Stay tuned for more soon.

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