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After witnessing Liam Neesan’s electrifying performance in the 2008 action thriller, 'TAKEN', I have to admit I was quite looking forward to watching his latest thriller, 'UNKNOWN'. Last night I finally got to watch it. Just 12 minutes or so into the movie, I caught sight of the lead played by LN, reach for his Rolex DEEP SEA from his hospital bedside [SPOILER ALERT] . . .

There was a nice close-up of the caseback as LN lay in bed recollecting the moment when his fake (as later discovered) on screen wife played by January Jones had gifted him the watch.

LN 'She gave it to me as a gift, in Paris, for our honeymoon . . .'

LN 'It’s beautiful, just beautiful!'

JJ 'I'm glad you like it . . .

I was further surprised by a second scene that followed, where in an attempt to win her favor LN offered his DS to the beautiful Diane Kruger, who in her supporting role as a Bosnian illegal immigrant and Berlin Taxi driver had kindly fished poor ol’ LN out of the back of her sinking taxi, after it had ploughed off a bridge.

LN 'I want you to have this . . .'

DK 'What if I don't want it?'

LN 'It’s worth about 5'000euro. Feel the weight of it! Go on it's the real thing . . .'

DK then accepts the watch and slaps it on her wrist, but not before waving it LN's face . . .

The following DS scene showed the lovely DK wearing the watch as she sat and discussed her finances or lack of with LN . . .

LN 'Sell the watch, you'll get more than you need . . .'

DK 'I plan to . . .'

Much later on in the movie LN hands DK a wodge of cash, causing her to have a change of heart about flogging LN’s Deep Sea. She hands it back to him . . . good girl!

DK 'It’s too heavy for me . . .'

The DS sits on the table for moment as LN fumbles for DK's hand . . .

LN finally slaps the DEEP SEA back on his wrist . . . THE END

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  1. ... looking at the engraved date, is this a rare prototype - seeing how it wasn't introduced until 2008 at Basel as far as I know? :)