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ANONIMO Hi Dive Carbon 'Ivan Basso'

By TLex ANONIMO plan to launch an exclusive 150 piece limited-edition watch dedicated to professional cyclist and watch aficionado, Ivan Basso winner of the Giro d’Italia 2010. This special edition of ANONIMO's Hi Dive 121 ATA watch utilizes carbon fiber for its dial and fixed bezel. I have only just recently featured the new ANONIMO Carbon Diver, but apart from this, this is still a relatively new material for the Italian watch maker. However I have feeling that we might be seeing more use of it from them in the future.

From ANONIMO Anonimo will produce a total of 150 Ivan Basso Hi Dive Carbon watches. The watch face bears his name, and it should come as no surprise that Basso asked Anonimo to design it. After all, the racing champion is also a fan of watches, and his collection already includes several Anonimo designs.

Basso’s choice was a carbon version of the high-performance Anonimo Hi Dive watch. The face and the case are made of ultra light, superbly resistant materials and contain carbon elements that have been fused together at high temperatures. This not only gives the watch its modern anthracite colour, it is also a nod to Basso’s own bicycle that is built with a range of carbon parts – an incredibly light, strong and durable material. Moreover, Full Speed Ahead (FSA), who produce the carbon parts for the watch, also provide specialised carbon parts for racing cycles.

IVAN BASSO “I love Anonimo watches. And as an Italian I am very proud to wear a great Italian design. This new model is highly practical and so beautiful. That is precisely what I expect from a watch!”

Anonimo is excited about this collaboration, says sales director David Cypers. “Ivan Basso loves a challenge and he always strives to be the best, just like Anonimo. We are a high-performance brand that builds watches for extreme sports and harsh conditions. For example, we are the preferred supplier of diving watches for the Italian diving company CNS and the Italian navy. Our fans also include Spanish motorcyclist Axel Pons and German football player Oliver Kahn. What all of them have in common with each other and with us is the enjoyment of a race against the clock. High level sports require timekeeping in extreme conditions, and that is what sets us apart from the others.”

The Anonimo Ivan Basso Hi Dive Carbon is priced at € 3,700.

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