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SEIKO Ananta Diver 200m Chrono 130th Anniversary CE

By TLex It's probably fair to say that SEIKO aren't particularly well represented here, but that's by no means through lack of love for the brand I can assure you. Here's one particular diver from SEIKO that caught my eye at the Basel fair this year. The Ananta Diver 200m Chronograph is a watch that is not only aesthetically beautifully (yes, I think beautiful sums up its looks perfectly), but is also a technically brilliant watch with a specialized movement made specifically for use in a divers in watch. The Ananta Diver houses the 8R39 Caliber with SEIKO's proprietary alloy balance spring with upgraded shock-resistance and anti-magnetism. The Chrono movement is fixed to the case at three points to further increase stability.

The Ananta Diver is further distinguished as a true divers model by its jet-black lacquered dial; ideal for being able to pick out its markers so that the dive time is as readable as possible even in dark waters. The specialized dial, which SEIKO commissioned Isshu Tamura master of the Japanese traditional Kaga MAKI-E art form and pupil of the famous master MAKI-E artist Seria Ikkou; offers high legibility, which is a vital attribute in a diving watch. The legibility is further enhanced by the use of anti-reflective coating on its sapphire crystal.

The Ananta Diver, which was made for SEIKO's 130th Anniversary Commemorative Collection, and is available as a limited edition of 700 pieces. It will be released worldwide this autumn priced at 4'700USD.

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