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By TLex Some cool boutique news for BENARUS fans and fans of military watches. RAVEN Watch Company, the ones who've been listed on OceanicTime under its 'MILITARY' heading for the last year or so (other than that I have very little experience with them) are teaming up with STEVRAL LLC for the production of their Vintage Series as well as all future RAVEN Watches models.

STEVRAL (that's a portmanteau of Steve and Ralf, cute, guys!) is run by Steve Laughlin of BENARUS US and Ralf Schreiner, founder and operator of BENERUS Dive Watches. STEVRAL LLC is the parent company of BENARUS.

The new partnership, that will see Steve Laughlin taking over sales and customer services and Ralf Schreiner the production and quality control will commence from July 5th. Wishing them the very best of luck and very much looking forward to details of their first new RAVEN Watches models.

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