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BALL Watch Co. ENGINEER Master II Diver FreeFall

From Ball Watch Co. By welcoming Guillaume Néry as a member of the BALL Explorers Club in 2006, BALL Watch made the conscious decision to link its timepieces with the very high level sports discipline of free-diving. This young French sportsman holds several constant-weight free-diving world records. Adopting the same quest for perfection as its ambassador, BALL Watch has developed within its “Engineer Master II” family, a range of diving watches including chronometers and chronographs, some of which also have mechanical thermometers, a GMT function and a World time display. Today, BALL Watch is proud to present a new diving chronograph reflecting the same deserving lineage as its predecessors.

The Engineer Master II Diver FreeFall pays homage to the sensational video clip 'Free Fall' produced by Guillaume Néry in 2010. Filmed by his partner Julie Gautier, he performed a veritable base jump into the entrails of Dean’s Blue Hole, the world’s deepest known blue hole located in the Bahamas. Having attracted an extraordinary global audience, this film is an artistic project seeking to deliver through fiction and its setting a new approach to free-diving films. In this way, Guillaume Néry has sought to express the power of the elements of water, earth and air, as well as a sense of freedom, harmony and exploration inherent in free-diving. These values are the same as those that have inspired BALL Watch in designing this new watch.

By restyling its diving chronograph for this limited edition of 500 pieces, BALL’s designers have deliberately opted for a streamlined and striking style combining the elegance of curves with the strength of character derived from the dark colors of the black dial and case with its metallic accents. Of unparalleled reliability and precision, the ETA 7750 movement drives a chronograph with cumulative time measurement of up to 12 hours combined with a day and date function. Its water-resistance up to 300 meters, its shock resistance up to 5,800Gs and its anti-magnetic endurance of an intensity of up to 4,800A/m will make the Engineer Master II Diver FreeFall the ideal partner for the most demanding divers when they set off to explore the ocean floor.

The unidirectional internal rotating bezel, activated using a screw-in crown, is the simplest and safest way of knowing your dive time. For deep water dives, the diver must be able to read the indications on his or her watch whatever the ambient light level. The most effective and the most durable solution is without doubt the technology developed by BALL Watch, which involves fitting the hands and dial with micro-tubes of luminescent gas. Without the need for any external source of light, these micro-tubes can produce constant light up to 100 times more intense than conventional luminescent paint.

By enriching its “Engineer Master II” collection with a new chronograph replicating the performance of its ambassador, BALL Watch has anchored its exceptional partnership with Guillaume Néry and further asserts itself as a key brand in the diving watch segment. Today, more than ever, BALL Watch is continuing its journey and asserting its role as a key protagonist in the exploration of time and the evolution of watchmaking history.

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