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ENNEBI Fondale VINTAGE (base & california)

By TLex Introducing the new ENNEBI Fondale Vintage. The 50mm x 18mm watch has been constructed from micropeened 316L Stainless Steel; its case takes on a form not unlike the Fondale that was resurrected by former Pre-Vendome PANERAI engineer Alessandro Bettarini, who was one of the men behind Panerai's 1000m prototypes that were built for the Italian Navy in the early 80s.

The Vintage Fondale's case is a simplified version of that watch if you will, only slightly less angular and with rounded edges and softer lines. Its massive 'Pancetta' crown has been exaggerated into a dome, its external bezel adorned with either a sublime 750kt gold handcrafted Deepsea divers helmet (base) or Skull (California). Its 316L Stainless Steel caseback has been engraved with a limited edition # of '33' and has been secured by 6 specialized Allen-screws.

There are two dial versions available: Base or California. The Base with vintage Arabic numerals. The California dial aptly recalling an epoch when this kind of specialized vintage military-type layout (a mixture of Arabic and Roman numerals with dashes) was being used on such watches as the Marina Militare or early Rolexes. Each index and number has been painstakingly engraved and then filled with vintage lume for optimum legibility in low lighting.

The Fondale Vintage's 1000m water-resistant case is home to a Swiss made ETA6497 hand-wound mechanical movement with 44hrs of power reserve. Other features include a domed organic crystal and handmade Italian leather strap with ENNEBI's signed 3 piece roller-buckle. Both versions are supplied with two straps.

The new Fondale Vintage models can be purchased for 3'300USD through GnomonWatches, who are not only a very reliable online source for dive watches with incredibly competitive pricing, but are one of, if not the only authorized ENNEBI dealership (anywhere) to carry ENNEBI's entire collection.

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