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EDMOND Booster (lock-ed)

By TLex Introducing EDMOND & the Edmond BOOSTER. Edmond Swiss Made sports watches combine the refinement and elegance of a Swiss made mechanical wristwatch with sportiness and utility to create a line of watches that can be worn in any situation . . .

Founded by JP Edmond, a designer, who was passionate about Swiss watch-making, the luxury watch brand EDMOND was introduced in Autumn 2008 after much work focused on the research and development of prototypes of their original watches.

LOCK-ED All EDMOND watches feature an exclusive patented innovation known as the 'Lock-Ed concept', a new crown control and protection system for setting the watch. It allows its wearer to push the winder without actually directly handling it, but by actuating the lever, which places the watch's crown in its setting position.

The Lock-Ed concept also allows for setting the watch more accurately and easily. Their unique watches are very comfortable to stop or restart the second hand accurately in the front of a dial graduation. For winding the watch you need just unlock the system without pulling the crown up to the setting position.

TRIPLE GASKETS This system also serves to increases the watches' water resistance.The crown of the watch features double O ring gaskets, which assures water resistance even when it's pulled out. A third flat gasket compresses when the system is locked.

ED-DNA All EDMOND Timepieces are made from 316L Stainless Steel, in some instances with a durable black PVD coating, 4mm thick sapphire crystals and double screwed pins, which mount onto a durable rubber strap with a push-button deployment clasp.

They house ETA 2824, Swiss made mechanical movements, which are adjusted in order to obtain an average time difference in the range of -2 to 3 sec per day. They are also all water-resistant to 200 meters.

AFFORDABLE The EDMOND Booster is listed for 860CHF / ~ 970USD

For further details of EDMOND Watches & the Edmond BOOSTER follow the icon below . . .

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