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VintageVDB 2011 (first look)

By TLex Whilst I was at the Baselworld watch fair I was fortunate enough to meet up with the very talented Stephan Obst of Vintage VDB, who kindly told me all about his latest project, VDB 2011. Here's what I know: VDB 2011 will be 100% made in Germany; not handmade / handcrafted as the VDB I, VDB II and VDB Combo etc. but machined. This is because the VDB 2011 is going to affordable. It's exact price is yet to be decided, but it will be sub 1'000euro.

The VDB 2011 won't be a big watch in terms of its overall diameter, I think just 42mm, but it will be solid with a thick case, 18mm or so and a huge 28mm lug width. If you look carefully at the hour hand of the VDB 2011 you will notice that its base extends out to form a fourth hand, which can be used for a second time-zone. The watch will be built in a single run of only 200 pieces. Stay tuned for plenty more renderings and an in-depth look at the VDB 2011 . . .