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POSEIDON Watches (intro)

By TLex 1958 saw the invention of the first single hose regulator by Ingvar Elfström, who with Dennis Österlund co-founded the then 'Aqua Sports' scuba equipment manufacturer. Today they are better known as POSEIDON, a Swedish diving systems company based in the outskirts Gothenburg. Their scuba applications, which include the world's first re-breather intended for recreational use are widely used, not just by recreational divers, but by both commercial and military scuba divers. They are Purveyors to His Majesty the King Carl XVI Gustav of Sweden.

Poseidon Watches are manufactured for the Poseidon scuba company by Capella Industries, who also produce Lambretta Watches and SAS Retro Watches. There are currently two divers models in the Poseidon Watches line: the Date and the Chrono; both models utilize the same 46mm stainless steel case with 200m water-resistance. The Date houses the Miyota 2115 Day-Date movement, whilst the Chrono Miyota OS20 Chronograph movement.

Both watches, which are in the 2-300 euro price range could be best described as cheap and cheerful, possibly making for suitable beaters; however a third model is planned with a Mechanical movement, a sapphire crystal and an increased water-resistance. Stay tuned for more . . .

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