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EDOX Under the ice with the Iceman

By TLex Here's the full EDOX & Christian Redl press release, a follow up to my previous post on Christian Redl's record ice-dive . . .

From EDOX A little mountain lake called Weissensee, situated in Carinthia, Austria, has the largest surface of ice in the Alps. It is the place chosen by Christian Redl for his attempt on February 12, 2011, to beat the world record for freediving under ice. The current record has been set at –56 meters.

In February, the temperature of the water is around 2°C. Through a square opening cut out of the massive layer of ice, the water appears: pitch-black, inhospitable, deadly.

In the midst of this icy world, Christian Redl will only be wearing a thin neoprene diving suit, a mere 3 mm thick. With his body covered in grease so that he can resist as long as possible the cold that is going to numb him to the bone, he will lower himself into this shadowy universe.

At a depth where his lungs, constricted by the pressure from above, will have shrunk to the size of a fist, Christian Redl will have to keep his clear-headedness and summon the strength necessary to go down to –60 meters and carry away the title of world champion.

This dive will last about 120 seconds. Beyond this limit, the sensation of cold will become increasingly intense and fatally dangerous. Christian Redl, who was born in Austria in 1976, has become the world specialist in freediving under ice. Besides this exploit, for him there is also a philosophy of life: an attraction to the extremes, continually pushing the limits even further, and living his life to the fullest.

On his wrist and during the record-breaking attempt, Christian Redl will be wearing the new Edox watch, the Iceman I Limited Edition, a sturdy high-tech model that can be used under water down to a depth of 1000 meters. In addition to its rubber strap, the Iceman I boasts a magnificent black carbon dial with orange numerals that provide optimal readability under water, and the case back is superbly engraved with the freediver’s name. The watch is equipped with a solid mechanical movement and is decorated with a rotatable, unidirectional black ceramic bezel.

Edox, the Swiss watchmaker whose history is marked by countless inventions – some of which have remained unsurpassed up to this day – is Christian Redl’s official timing partner. Sturdiness, extreme conditions, technological expertise and reliability are the keys to their joint philosophies.

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