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JS Watch Co. Sif - N.A.R.T. & Jens Jensson (dive to 160m)

From JS Watch Co. Professional deep sea diver, with deepest dive down to 320 meters - His watch of choice: SIF N.A.R.T.

Jens Óðinn Jensson began his career as a professional diver following the advice of his doctor. Jensson had fractured his back in four places after a car accident and the doctor told him that swimming was good for his back. He studied at the Underwater Centre in Fort William, Scotland, from where he graduated in 1988 with certification in SCUBA diving. He began working for Stolt-Nielsen as a diver. His job was to maintain oil rigs in the North Sea.

From then on, he's worked all over the globe, living in the Orkney Islands in Scotland for a long time while working as a professional diver. Jensson can say that while not diving off-shore, he has worked to maintain all the biggest harbors in Scotland. He also dove for King Scallops, a precious shell fish requiring specialized diving equipment and strategies. The scallops are so deep that the divers have to keep close track of the time to avoid oxygen toxicity, hypoxity, and decompression sickness.

"In those days it was difficult to find a watch that would display the time accurately and clearly, which is so important when every minute counts. I am now the proud owner of the Sif watch from JS Watch Co. Reykjavik a watch that has an easy to read faceplate and hands, so I can see the time clearly in order to calculate how many minutes I have left before I have to head back to the surface."

In the year 2003, Jensson attended INPP (INSTITUT NATIONAL DE PLONGEE PROFESSIONNELLE - National Institute of Professional Diving). There he achieved qualification as a Saturation Diver Medic as well as a certification in deep sea diving. He began working at a company named Glopal in India and worked as a deep sea diver, repairing and maintaining oil rigs from West-Asia, the Persian Gulf, China, Thailand, and Borneo. In 2008, the administrative members of Glopal quit and founded their own diving company called Kreuz Subsea.

"My deepest dive to date was 320 meters and now during deep sea dives, we live in a decompression chamber for 28-33 days at a time, at various depths. It is essential to have an accurate and reliable watch like, Sif, that can withstand all the varying pressures. Many watches I've had before couldn't stand up to the task and broke during decompression or on the way up after helium worked its way into the watch body. I am one of five main divers or "Master Diver" for Kreuz Subsea."

JS Watch co. Reykjavik promotional 160 meters dive - Here you can watch a video of Mr. Jensson doing a saturation dive on 160 meters in the Indian ocean, you can hear what effect the helium mixed air does to his voice.

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