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From LINDE WERDELIN Grey Is The New Black Linde Werdelin - First US Limited Edition Hard Grey DLC Linde Werdelin, leading sports and attachable instrument watch brand, presents its first US Limited Edition – the Hard Grey DLC (Diamond Like Carbon). The 'Hard' series are based on the original 'The One' model but bear a different bezel, hands, color and dial to create a unique allure.

The new Hard Grey features a vivid color contrast between the red logo and the bright yellow hands & luminous hour markers. Most notably, the case is in DLC gray coating unlike any Linde Werdelin made previously. It shares the same case dimensions as the rest of the Linde Werdelin watches to ensure the safe attachment of both The Rock and The Reef instruments for extreme skiing and diving respectively.

'Grey is the new black! The US is the fashion trendsetter in so many ways; grey DLC is a softer sophistication.' comments Alexis Sarkissian, CEO of Totally Worth It, LLC distributor of Linde Werdelin in North America. The steel case initially goes through a hardening process and for this Limited Edition, the Hard Grey is microbille finished before the DLC is applied in the coating chamber (see image). This ensures an even tougher case coating.

Next, it is blasted with approximately one thousandth of a millimeter of carbon to create a surface up to three times harder than steel and second only to diamond in hardness. This hydrogen free diamond structure crafts the watch in such a way that it guarantees extreme durability and virtual scratch and corrosion resistance, perfect for any sporting environment. DLC Coating Chamber.

The Hard Grey Limited Edition consists of only 11 pieces and is currently available by pre-order through Exquisite Timepieces. The delivery is expected just before Christmas by special delivery.