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H2O Kalmar CUSTOMIZATION Academy (part 2)

By TLex Not just content with producing what could possibly be the most customizable dive watch on the planet; H2O are also determined to innovate and pioneer on manufacturing technologies and pricing strategies. They will be among the first to produce an affordable mechanical Titanium dive watch, they will be the first to offer fully interchangeable case parts such as bezels, crown guards and casebacks, they will also be the first to offer their special case finish of bead blasted amorphous DLC.

And, I know for a fact that they will be the very first to offer a dive watch constructed from a unique case material, which as far as I know has yet to have been used in watch case construction.

The H2O Kalmar will use all custom parts; apart from modified ETA movements nothing is pre-manufactured. Cases, crystals, hands, dials, exterior titanium components such as interchangeable bezels, crown guards, crowns and CNC machined buckles have all been made according to H2O’s own and exacting specifications.

The first prototypes of the H2O Kalmar are being manufactured as we speak; I expect to be able to show pictures of them in the New Year and will preview all of them on OceanicTime sometime shortly after. Below is breakdown of pricing and configuration options. Please bear in mind that nothing has been finalized and as such everything is subject to change. Stay tuned for much more . . .

DIALS H2O will offer a total of 12 different dials for the Kalmar: [from left to right] Black (full lume), Metallic Silver, Florescent Yellow, Florescent Orange, White (full BGW9 lume), Black,

Black GMT, Blue, Black Stealth, Cool Grey, Orange and Black Carbon.

HANDS At the moment there is only one set of hands for the Kalmar (more are planned). These are custom made hands, which will be offered in three colors black hour / black minute / black second, black hour / orange minute / black second or silver hour / silver minute / silver second . As well as the standard handset a yellow GMT hand will be supplied for the GMT version.

MOVEMENTS Two Swiss made movements will be made available for the Kalmar. Either a modified ETA 2824 or 2836 with GMT function.

CASE FINISHES H2O will initially offer just two case finishes. A fine brushed / satin finished case or highly scratch resistant amorphous black DLC coating over a bead blasted surface.

ABOUT DLC DLC [Diamond Like Carbon] is an extremely tough and highly scratch resistant black coating, which was first developed by the Russian Military to protect the tips of their helicopter blades. It has been adopted by the motor racing, aerospace and other high-tech industries for its ultra-tough qualities. The Vickers hardness of H2O amorphous DLC coating is about 5000 Vickers of hardness compared to 150-190 of 316L Stainless steel.

HEX SCREWS The H2O Kalmar will use a simple yet effective system of Hex / Allen Screws for all its interchangeable parts; allowing for the owners to easily switch between different components themselves giving them complete freedom to experiment with any number of configurations.

BEZELS Dependent on the movement type of the Kalmar there will be a number of interchangeable bezels;

2824 three bezels: Standard layout, optional 12-hour GMT, optional 60 sec.

2836 three bezels: Standard layout, optional 24-hour GMT, optional 60 sec.

All H2O Kalmar bezels will be applied with Swiss Super-LumiNova.

CROWN GUARDS Three interchangeable crown guards; one standard and two optional. The H2O Kalmar will be the first dive watch to offer this particular customization option.

CASEBACKS How many dive watches give you the flexibility of switching between two casebacks? Can't decide whether you want to gaze up an engraving of a Giant Squid or study the mechanical movement complete with custom DLC rotor, then get both.

STRAPS H2O Will offer a total of 5 handmade leather straps; one standard and four optional straps. The H2O Kalmar will be supplied with an additional Italian rubber strap and a black gray Bond NATO strap. All straps will be compatible with H2O's custom Titanium buckle.

H2O Kalmar /Swiss ETA 2824/ Brushed Titanium: 900USD
H2O Kalmar GMT/ Swiss ETA 2836-GMT / Brushed Titanium: 1000USD

H2O Kalmar / Swiss ETA 2824/ Black DLC on bead blasted Titanium: 1000USD

H2O Kalmar GMT/ Swiss ETA 2836-GMT / Black DLC on bead blasted Titanium: 1100USD