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Aeronaval Instruments Manufacture 7007, Kraken & Leviatán

By TLex Introducing Aeronaval Instruments Manufacture Carlos, a Spanish based company specializing in handmade navigation instruments for the military.

Their first collection of wristwatches includes a 12,000 meter automatic dive watch, that if proven will not only smash the current depth record held by the CX20'000 Feet by 6,000 meters -

but promises even to beat the mega depth rating of the Rolex Deep Sea Special, an experimental prototype watch built by Rolex that went some 10,916 meters into the Marianas Trench!

I should also add that, at the moment I have no details of how Aeronaval Instruments'  incredible 12'000m of water-resistance was tested or achieved,

but know that watch cases that are sandwiched in layers as theirs are can achieve added pressure-resistance, which comes from the compression of the case parts; 

also the enormous domed crystal will go some way to more evenly distributing pressure.

The collection consists of three models with three depth ratings 1'000m, 5'000m and 12'000m. Anti-magnetic capabilities from 2'000, 7'000 and 15'000 Gauss.

From what I gather the cases are triple construction from marine grade Stainless steel (pvd also available). The crystal is available as sapphire or 15mm polycarbonate.

As well as numerous dial colors there will also be a total 8 different handsets.

All watches will be fitted with automatic movements. Stay tuned for more.

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