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SETIMA Watches (intro)

By TLex The sub clone is without doubt the most recognizable dive watch style that there is; it's the epitome of what a generic dive watch looks like, yet at the same time is timeless and classic. Some might say that it's a style (Rolex excluded) that lacks imagination or thought, but whatever we might think of it, it's a style that's here to stay and will no doubt be reproduced and reinterpreted for as long as we wear wristwatches.

SETIMA Watches a new dive watch company based in Augsburg Germany have taken this well known style of dive watches and added their own twist by means of a number of customization and personalization options allowing the wearer to make an individual timepiece that reflects their own personality. All their watches are made by skilled craftsmen in Switzerland and as such have been given the seal 'Swiss Made' on their dials.

Of the many customizations options that are available the bezel colors are the most striking. SETIMA offer a selection of no less than 11 different bezel colors. Strange then that there are only two dial colors, black or white. These dials are offered in two formats; classic or pure. The classic is more typical looking whereas the pure is a sterile dial marked out only with hour markers and a minimal amount of text.

There are two Superluminova applied handsets offered; straight or sword with a choice of three second hand colors; red, black or white. The watch cases have been crafted from 316-L Aisi stainless steel; finishes for the cases and bracelets include polished, semi-polished or matte. I'm surprised that no pvd or dlc options are available. The watches, which are protected by sapphire crystals are water-resistant to 500m or 50atm. They have been fitted with ETA 2824 Swiss automatic movements.

One final customization that is available, if you hadn't already deduced from the 'OCEANICTIME' text on the dials and casebacks (shown) is the ability to have any name or text that you desire printed and engraved on your watch, further individualizing it. SETIMA have just recently added a configuration tool to their website; it's worth an investigation if you like that sort of thing, but lacks the ability to allow you save your creation.

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