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PROJECT X DESIGNS Submariner-Series 1 & 2

By TLex new for October; the Project X Designs Submariner-Series 1 & 2, which are based on the Rolex Submariner 16610LV. There's no doubt that these watches are the business, and I'm sure the customization work on them is flawless, but come on with the pricing, getting a little silly isn't it?! The Satin version below will set you back £6750.00, the DLC a whopping £8950.00!

The PXD SS2 & SS3 'Red Depth' are exclusive Limited Edition runs of 24 customized original Stainless Steel Rolex Submariner LVs. The designs take inspiration from the historic models of the past without direct imitation fusing retro styling with the latest in carbon coating technology, resulting in a limited edition wristwatches that offer the ultimate in subtle stealth looks, individuality and enhanced performance.

The PXD SS2 & SS3 customization features include: satin case finish, black DLC coating (SS2), black lume dot, crown guard removal (SS2),'double red' dial text overprinting, spring loaded fixed bars (reversible), enameled case back engravings.

As well as their BLACK-out Editions, Project X Designs can also create bespoke Submariners (above) and DEEP SEAs (below) to customers' own specifications.