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PleAmaR (first look)

By TLex Whenever I see what the gents on the Spanish dive watch forums are posting, I suddenly get the feeling that my taste levels aren't quite there yet; these guys are capable of putting the best of us to shame with their fine collections and impeccable photographic skills, not to mention their forum projects.

Here's a fine example of what I'm talking about; the members at the 'Zona Abisal' Spanish dive watch forum, as hosted by Foroderelojes have been working on a collaborative project, the Pleamar.

The Pleamar is based on a classic super compressor cased dive watch, of the likes that were being produced by numerous different watch makers in the sixties, but specifically in the case of the Pleamar, by Mulco. The actual fabrication and assembly of the watch is being carried out by a well respected Spanish watch maker Pedro Izquierdo, who is based in Madrid.

From its stunning handset and cross hatching on the crowns to the exquisitely designed nautical caseback; the attention detail is on the Pleamar is quite staggering.

Its 42mm case will house an ETA 2824 and is WR to 200 meters.
It will also have a choice of either a sapphire crystal or domed acrylic plexi glass. The watch will be produced as a limited series of only 200 pieces; prices form 450-500euro.

Many thanks to OceanicTime reader and contributing Foroderelojes member, Jose for sending me the low-down on the Pleamar (in English) .

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