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DOXA in Asia (who are you?)

By TLex The unrecognizable face of DOXA in Asia! DOXA Watches have had presence in Asia since 2009, now. From what I know this is predominantly in mainland China and its surrounding areas. The range of 'DOXA Watches in Asia' is a pretty unfamiliar sight, you'll find none of the traditional SUB models that have such a strong following, particularly in the online dive watch community.

Instead a collection of Rolex derivatives, a Daytona style called the 'Racerman' and a Datejust called the 'Noble', a Cartier-style called the 'Calex' and a sprinkling of unremarkable fashion / dress watches, which includes a 100m Zodiac type diver, thoughtfully named 'Aquaman'! There is one SUB model, called the Sub 200 but it has diamond indexes! Doxa purists are advice to browse the 'Doxa in Asia' site with extreme caution!

So what do we have here? Well it looks like it wasn't all bad news; the collection's saving grace, a 200m rated diver with a ceramic bezel, called the 'Shark Ceramica'

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