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TENDENCE G52 (new fashion diver)

By TLex N.O.A meets NIXON – meets TW Steel meets (someone else?)! TENDENCE are the quintessential fashion watches company. However we could be forgiven for not having picked them up on our radar a little sooner than now as most of their marketing has been focused on Japan, Italy, Thailand, Turkey and much of Latin America (well, Venezuela and Columbia anyway), where they have a quite a bit of a following.

You can buy them in pretty every major city of the world, though, if you know where to look. I’ve seen them on sale Down Under, where they have just recently partnered with Australian Free Diving Champion Ben Noble, who wears the new TENDENCE Gulliver Diver (ani-digi).

The G52 (featured) is one of two new ‘divers’ (the other mentioned above) that TENDENCE are adding to their line of watches this year. The first thing that strikes you about the G52 is its Aquatimer color scheme, then perhaps its size; a very ample 52mm. The watch shouldn’t be too hefty though owing to its titanium construction.

Other features include: 200m WR, screw down crown, quartz chronograph movement, mineral crystal and a silicone strap. But what TENDENCE are most proud of is - their 3 dimensional rotatable bezel, a design first they say. A photogenic feature for sure, but what’s it like in the steel I mean titanium?

And yellow plus 52mm will take a braver man than me to pull off and I’m brave. Admittedly it would look quite cool with a wetsuit. But then again, 720CHF! Maybe I have more to learn, but where did I put that NIXON catalog?!

From TENDENCE Tendence watches are highly distinguishable timepieces with their unique contemporary dimension.Created using a wealth of craftsmanship expertise, avantgarde technology and exquisite materials a captivating array of watches are formed.

The G-52 is a pure innovation in the watch industry, being the first watch ever with a deep tri-dimensional turnable top ring.

These sporty and elegant watches, with sharp, sleek aesthetics are perfectly embodying the fusion of innovation, style and audacious design.

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