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FAVRE-LEUBA (sad news)

By TLex FAVRE-LEUBA have gone into administration; this is the sad news that I learnt earlier today regarding the Swiss brand who in 2003 began working on a new collection to re-launch the Favre-Leuba name and who in 2008 celebrated their 290th year of watch making with the introduction of the BATHY V.2 mechanical depth gauge.

To be honest I have pretty much known this was the case for the last few months, but it was actually confirmed to me today during a telephone conversation with Martin Wepfer of Mathys Schmid Partner in Basel, now administrators for Favre Leuba. Mr. Wepfer told me that all the company’s activities have been frozen.

So what of the BATHY V.2 and the BATHY Chrono Triple Timezone? There might well be an interested party / parties, who would buy the brand and its assets; this was gleaned from the same conversation with Mr. Wepfer. Hope then that this wonderful brand and their divers may once again be resurrected.

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