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DOXA 1200T NUMA LE (turquoise)

By TLex When I think of DOXA, I think orange. In fact DOXA call themselves the inventors of orange. So why would their latest limited edition diver, the 1200T NUMA have a turquoise dial?

Whilst meeting with Clive Cussler the grandfather of the American action adventure novel. Cussler pointed out to DOXA that turquoise had been proven to be the most legible color underwater; the rest is history.

Clive Cussler was presented with the original orange dialed Doxa SUB 300T in 1969. He is also the founder of NUMA.

The NUMA model with the Turquoise dial will be limited to 50 pieces; a further 500 pieces will be made with a new blue dial. Both models will sport the NUMA (National Underwater and Marine Agency) logo on their dials.

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