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LINDE WERDELIN 3-Timer Green (new)

By TLex LINDE WERDELIN continue to innovate and set new standards for how a modern-day watch company can present itself and its products. Their clever use of new and social media that includes a stylized marketing campaign, where they have partnered with a talented French comic artist, Dominique Bertail, who has been producing all the cool artwork that is associated with Linde Werdelin's new product lines.

Not to mention a sales strategy, where LW watches are shipped out to prospective customers around the globe for a free no obligation trial. Then there's the fusion of old and new technologies, allowing for mechanical wristwatches to be paired with state of the art diving and skiing instruments and a production philosophy that means all their watches are produced only in very limited series. LW's latest variant of their GMT sport model, the 3-Timer Green is no exception. Just 22 pieces will be available.

The 3-Timer is not specifically a divers model, but it is rated to 300 meters, and LINDE WERDELIN are certainly no stranger to the dive watch genre ;)


From LINDE WERDELIN Appreciated by the jet set, Linde Werdelin's 3-Timer GMT series is now available in steel with green dial set on a black pointed calfskin strap. The most refined piece of the LW models, the 3-Timer can be set to show three different time zones, using the GMT hand and the bidirectional 24-hour bezel.

3-Timer series are available in steel with silver, black and green dials (22 pieces), retail from €4,140 and are available to buy from any authorized retailer and Linde Werdelin.

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