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New real life test for the CX 20'000 FEET - Official Timekeeper of IFM GEOMAR off the Chilean coast

From CX Swiss Military The IFM GEOMAR Leibniz-Institute for Oceanographic Research, University of Kiel / Germany is one of the most renowned Oceanographic Research centers and is conducting an expedition to the Pacific Ocean off the Chilean cost this fall.

Their vessel SONNE will allow the underwater robot ROV KIEL 6000 to investigate the pathways and fluxes of fluids and volatile components (carbon, sulfur, halogens, and water) through subduction zones. Major aims include the evaluation of processes controlling subduction recycling, the effects of these volatiles on the climate and the geochemical evolution of the hydrosphere and atmosphere, as well as origin and causes of natural hazards.

CX Swiss Military Watch™ is proud to announce that we have been elected the IFM GEOMAR Official Timekeeper and will take part in their deep sea tests: one of our 20'000 FEET timepieces will be attached to the ROV KIEL 6000 and lowered to the very ground of the Pacific Ocean. This is the first time in history that a serial timepiece has been subjected to such a real life test in a depth of 6'000 meters!

Pictures and videos of the test will be available in a few weeks' time – you can also follow the progress of the expedition on the IFM GEOMAR website: www.ifm-geomar.de

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