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CORUM Admirals's Cup DEEP HULL 48

By TLex This year at Baselworld, as part of their anniversary celebrations CORUM unveiled to the world the dive watch that I have always dreamt they would make; if they had wanted to, CORUM could have produced an incredible diver at any point, this year they have.

The Admiral's Cup DEEP HULL 48 is a nautical watch in every sense; combing the world of yachting above the waves with the world of diving 1000 meters below them. As suited to the consummate professional at helm of a racing yacht as it is to the deep sea diver or executive in the boardroom. A serious piece of kit above or below the waves; and a tough contender that should be able to hold its own against pretty much any other luxury diver in its class.

Crafted from high-grade titanium the DEEP HULL's bold 12 sided case design reflects its 'Admiral's Cup' pedigree. Its 48mm case able to withstand the crushing pressures exerted by 1000 meters of ocean as indicated by the uber-cool '1000m' engraving at the 9.30 position of its case, which is also where the DEEP HULL is fitted a very cool, contemporary design feature; de riguer for any dive watch that wants to be taken seriously, an HEV (helium escape valve).

An HEV such as the one the DEEP HULL 48 is equipped with makes a dive watch suitable for saturation diving. Sat-divers are kept in a helium rich environment as part of their decompression. Helium is a tiny molecule, much smaller than oxygen and as such can seep into the watch's case during the saturation period.

Contrary to some beliefs helium doesn't build up in the watch's case from spending prolonged periods of time underwater at depth; there is virtually no helium present in the ocean, a minuscule 0.0000072 ppm (parts per million) is present in seawater. If large amounts of helium do build up in the watch case from being in a saturation chamber, these helium molecules will expand when the diver and his watch return to the surface; and this is where problems could arise, which might result in the crystal popping out; an exploding dive watch is not a likelihood ;)

From CORUM The case of this latest novelty in the Admiral's Cup collection with its twelve-sided case, typical of the collection features an impressive diameter of 48mm. Crafted in titanium and easily recognizable thanks to its bold design, it offers a unidirectional and rotating bezel.

Other characteristic of this divers watch, the Admiral's Cup Deep Hull 48, include a small seconds counter at 9 o'clock, an exceptional water-resistance of 100 atmospheres or 1000 meters and perfect legibility in the dark thanks to the SuperLuminova coating on the index and hands.

This broad case houses the caliber CO947, mechanical movement with automatic winding COSC certified chronometer, offering hours, minutes, small seconds, day and date functions. For a perfect resistance to salty water, the Admiral’s Cup Deep Hull 48 is fitted with black vulcanized rubber strap titanium buckle engraved with Corum logo.

This anniversary piece, the Admiral’s Cup Deep Hull 48, is available in a limited edition of 555 pieces, with a black PVD version available in a limited edition of 155 pieces.

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