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BOSCHETTE Cave Dweller Review

The Cave Dweller 2nd Gen came in smart black leatherette travel case. Inside the case was the watch carefully wrapped alongside an instruction manual, a warranty card and a spare rubber diver’s strap. I’m huge fan of travel cases as they actual serve a purpose other than gathering dust on a shelf at the back of my wardrobe. The inclusion of some tools for resizing the bracelet would have been welcomed, though.

As soon as I picked the Cave Dweller up I could feel how solid and well built it was, it seemed like a very nicely made watch. The bracelet was much heavier and far more solid than I was expecting.

The Cave Dweller is an elegant no nonsense looking watch; simplistic and functional in its design. Its unique diamond-cut bezel gives it a very attractive and stylish look. For me there is no better combination than that of bright brushed steel offset against a deep-set matt black dial. The black dial accentuated by its raised white markers and a blue second hand with matching 1000m text that pops agreeably from the dial.

The Cave Dweller 2nd Gen is quite a subtle looking watch it doesn’t scream out for attention, but you certainly won’t go unnoticed wearing it. I have had many comments in fact a work colleague of mine has been pestering me to sell him mine . . . you know who you are mate ;)!

The Cave Dweller’s new push-button extendable clasp has set a new standard in mid-range bracelet functionality, I wouldn’t be surprised if other Boutique divers followed suit, as it’s far superior and much nicer to use than anything else in its class. I will cover the clasp in more detail later, but have to commend BOSCHETT on a job well done here, it really is great feature, especially for anyone planning on taking the Cave Dweller scuba diving.

The Cave Dweller has a 45mm 316L high-grade stainless steel case that has been brushed to lovely bright finish. The case itself has been beautifully executed; I really like the way the tops of the lugs have been angled downwards, a look that works very well with the diamond cut bezel notches.

I really love the bezel, which itself is a very attractive feature of the Cave Dweller. BOSCHETT have kept the same diamond-cut look of the original 1st Gen Cave Dweller's bezel, but have increased the width of the bezel notches to give the bezel a better and more secure grip when manipulating with a divers glove.

The Cave Dweller has a nice big thick and chunky crown that has been signed with a ‘B’ for BOSCHETT. It’s of the type I have seen on numerous other divers, but nerveless it does work well. I think if a BOSCHETT had made a crown to match the bezel notches that would have been a cool touch. it would have added a little more uniqueness to the watch. The crown moves in and out without any hindrance, but the stem is not as solid as I would like it be.

The Cave Dweller has flat sapphire crystal. It has been treated to anti-reflective coating on the inside to ensure a clear reading of the dial.

The Cave Dwellers stainless steel case back has a very cool Chinese dragon engraved on the back, there’s a lot of detail there. I always appreciate I nice case back design it adds interest to a watch and for me adds to the watch’s desirability. It is a little faint though.

1000 meters is what one expects form any dive watch that considers itself a serious diving tool. Of course no one would, or ever could venture that deep, but such a depth rating indicates a certain level durability and build quality that one would expect to find in a dive watch of this type.

My version of the Cave Dweller 2nd Gen utilizes a trusted Japanese workhouse, the Miyota 8215.The 8215 is a very durable movement and is the perfect choice for a dive watch of its class. The only drawback with the 8215 is that it’s non-hacking. It has date function and keeps excellent time.

FUNCTIONALITY / Wear-ability
The Cave Dweller 2nd Gen was designed to be an upgraded version of the 1st Gen, many of its upgrades were made in order for the watch to work more functionally as a dive watch. The 2nd Gen is all about functionality; bold, white, raised SuperLumiNova applied marker, anti-reflective coating on the crystal and the Cave Dwellers fantastic new clasp with diver’s extension.

Owing to its slightly downwardly curved lugs the Cave Dweller sits very nicely on the wrist. It is a big chunky watch, but it is still comfortable to wear.

There is not doubt that this is a tough, solid and very well built dive watch. It would make the perfect working watch. Purposely built for the rigors of scuba diving or an active lifestyle. The Cave Dweller 2nd Gen incorporates the toughest materials such has marine grade 316L stainless steel and sapphire crystal. The case has been brushed so that light scratches and swirls can be taken care of easily.

The Cave Dweller 2nd Gen has a very lovely looking 5 link bracelet with solid end-links (a must for me). It has been made from solid 316L stainless steel and has the same bright brushed finish that the case has. The bracelet feels very solid and chunky; it has a real heftiness to it. As mentioned earlier one of the upgrades that BOSCHETT gave the 2nd Gen Cave Dweller was a completely new clasp, which features a push button extender.

To extend the clasp one simply pushes the two lateral buttons; this is followed by a nice ratcheting sound as the clasp extends open to accommodate a diver’s wet suit. When fully extended an engraved dive flag can be seen. What a nice touch! And the good news for Gen 1 owners is that the new clap can be retro-fitted to their existing 1st Gen Cave Dwellers.

The Cave Dwellers hands and markers have been applied with Superluminova. I would rate the lume’s brightness at good.

The Cave Dweller 2 Gen sells for 440SUD. This is terrific value for money for what you get. The fit and finish is easily on par with watches 2 to 3 times its price. The fact that it has a Japanese movement instead of a Swiss ETA makes a big difference, but those who plan on using this watch as a diver,will find that the Miyota movement is a no-brainer.

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BOSCHETT have created a true divers watch. Their no nonsense approach to design and their implementation of actually useful features make the Cave Dweller 2nd Gen a great choice for scuba divers. For the casual wearer or desk diver, the Cave Dweller looks smart and tasteful. It's big and chunky, but by no means bulky or uncomfortable to wear.

Dealing with Keith BOSCHETT was an absolute pleasure, I found him an extremely patient and accommodating gentlemen and would recommend the Cave Dweller 2nd Gen to anyone who looking at getting a well made and attractive dive watch that is affordable, you couldn't do much better, I assure you!

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