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Ægir (introduction)

By TLex
Ever wondered what a commercial diver does whilst waiting in the diving bell for his fellow divers to return or what he does to pass the of hours upon hours of decompression time that he has to go through? Wonder no more, I'll tell you!

He conceptualizes and conceives dive watches of course! That is actually how Ægir's founder and commercial diver passed his time and came up with Ægir. Ægir is an old Norse word meaning 'King of the Sea'.

The goal was to design a dive watch that could be the 'one watch' that could be worn and used by commercial divers whilst at work (over a dive suit), at play or if need be in the office (under a business suit), whilst maintaining the look and feel of a luxury dive watch such as an Omega or GP.

The CD-1 and CD-2 (CD = commercial diver) are the product of a private dive watch project that had no ambition other than doing just this, but with the intention of servicing only a few fellow commercial divers that Ægir founder worked with.

The Ægir CD-1 and CD-2 will be fabricated and assembled in Germany by Kazim Kenzo using the same CNC machines and German machining that is currently being used on the latest Kazimon dive watches and such will be priced along the lines of Kazimon divers.

The spec; a modest 42mm 316L stainless case, Swiss ETA auto (TBA), sapphire crystal, 701m WR (701 meters is the deepest recorded dive set in 1992 by Comex diver Theo Mavrostomos),an automatic HEV and 24mm lugs. If all goes according to plan the watches should be ready by the 1st quarter of 2010.

I wish Todd the very best with his project and look forward to seeing more. Stay tuned . . .

© Ægir

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