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By TLex The SharkWatcher is a dive watch that is first and foremost shark friendly. Tempvs Compvtare is a new brand that has developed the 47mm Shark Watcher with the movie Shark Waters in mind. It is a fitting tribute to Rob Stewart and his movie Shark Water.

The Shark Water movie highlights the plight of hundreds of thousands of sharks illegally fished and slaughtered for the shark finning industry. It is a must see for EVERYONE! OceanicTime supports the work of Rob Stewart and the Shark Water movie.

The SharkWatcher can be ordered now and secured with a 50% deposit. Its price is 10.000 CHF. The first exclusive series of watches will be delivered by the end of January 2010. They will come with three bands.

From Tempvs Compvtare What if true luxury was life? The preservation of our ecosystem is a crucial issue that we cannot ignore any longer. Time is running out, before the balance of basic natural resources is upset. For Tempvs Compvtare’s creators, time-piece seems to be the best vector to increase public awareness.

It bears time slipping away, and leads to realization regarding the emergency of a reaction to save the environment to which we all pertain. TEMPVS COMPVTARE desires to redesign values of luxury, putting forward an ECO-ACTIVE concept.

“We have pursued the conceptual reflection to its paroxysm” No animal skin is used at any stage of the fabrication of our watches. Each step of its conception and each element used have been thought to fully respect the environment. Our watches are entirely designed, produced and assembled in Neuchatel’s belt, birthplace of Swiss Watchmaking. Thereby, transportation and carbon emissions are reduced to their minimum.

A time-piece needs first to be functional: “Form Follows Function”, this rule of Louis H. Sullivan is also Nicolas Jeanson’s motto. Designer and creator of Tempvs Compvtare, he applies this rule to every product of the brand. The editions dedicated to the marine ecosystem directly drawn their hydrodynamics shapes from this universe.

Each Tempvs Compvtare’s edition supports an association actively involved in the defence of threatened species, and yet, essential to our survival. One third of net earnings on each watch sold is offered to supported associations, enabling concretes preservation projects. Purchase a Tempvs Compvtare time-piece enables its buyer to support the earth’s preservation.

Nicolas JEANSON, following his meeting with Rob STEWART, has designed SharkWatcher. SharkWatcher is the first watch of TEMPVS COMPVTARE watches. This watch is a tribute to Rob Stewart’s movie: SharkWater. Released in 2008, this movie especially enhances the catastrophic effects of the organised poaching of the oldest predator of our oceans, hunted for its fins, the shark.

SharkWatcher directly drew its design from the underwater universe. Its hydrodynamics shapes and the generous dimensions of the box, dedicated to a submarine use bear it. SharkWatcher waterproofness and visibility are guaranteed up to 200 meters (660 ft) deep.

No animal skin is used in the conception of SharkWatcher. Thus to reduce to a minimum the impact of transportation on the environment, SharkWatcher is 100% produced and assembled in Switzerland.

© Tempvs Compvtare

Special Edition For Sharks Saving Animal Skin Free
Movement: ETA 7750, mechanical automatic chronograph
Power Reserve : 42 hours
Sapphire Crystal anti-reflective coated
Steel Case 47mm and black dial
Water-resistance : 200 meters - 660 ft
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, day and date,
calculation of immersion time


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