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LÜM-TEC 50ATM (under develpment)

By TLex You may have already read here that LÜM-TEC have a number of new dive watches under development, in particular a 1000m diver with an internal bezel as well as another 300m diver, which was eventually beefed up to 500m. Here are some renderings of the it, which like the others is shaping up to be another very promising release.

When I first came across LÜM-TEC, and saw their clean and elegant designs and more importantly their incredible use of lume I immediately started thinking how great it would be if they developed a diver. Chris Wiegand LÜM-TEC's founder and president must have read my mind as LÜM-TEC have a nice little line up divers on the way. The designs are simple yet striking; rugged (in the case of 50ATM) yet refined and all are most certainly covet-worthy.

The 500m (below) will use the SII NH15 movement and will utilize a full luminous bezel. Its case size will measure 44mm. More to follow as and when I get it . . .

300m stepped up to 500m


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