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Vostok-Europe EKRANOPLAN (1st look)

By TLex This hot Soviet pilot never has a problem with her flight schedule. That’s because she never boards her 400 ton Lun Class Ground Effect Vehicle without her trusty dive watch. Aptly named the Ekranoplan, her watch is made from surgical grade stainless steel and measures 47mm X 16mm. Its name sake (below) is 73 meters in length and has 32m wingspan.

Lun Class Ekranoplan (missile launcher)

The watch is powered by an automatic 2432.01 Vostock-Europe movement and the Lun Class by eight Kuznetsov NK-87 Turbojets with an output of 28,000ibf of thrust each. It has a top speed of 500 kmph. The watch has power reserve of 42hrs and features a 24-Hour GMT Digital Readout.

The Ekranoplan dive watch is water-resistant to 200m and the Ekranoplan Ground Effect Vehicle can fly from 4 to 14 meters above the surface of the water.

Whether flying day or stealthy night missions our hot Soviet pilot will always be on time thanks the Ekranoplan’s use of 7 Trigalight ® Micro Tubes on its dial. A first for a Russian diver and a first for Vostok-Europe. Soviet pilots have never looked so good and neither has a Russian dive watch!

From Vostok-Europe
The ‘Caspian Sea Monster Ekranoplan KM’ watch line is named after the largest Ground Effect vehicle ever built. The Sea Monster carried record payloads quickly and economically by riding just above the sea waves on a cushion of air, or "ground effect", which significantly increased lift and reduced drag.

The ‘Sea Monster Ekranoplan’ model line from Vostok Europe continues the series of Soviet Techno Design inspired watches to combine the latest timekeeping technologies of:

* Automatic 2432.01 movement with raised hands to accommodate tritium tubes

* 20 atm water resistant surgical grade stainless steel 47 mm case

* Black and gun metal PVD coated sand blasted cases

* Unidirectional rotating bezel with minute counter
* Two color day & night indicator
* 24-hour GMT digital readout

* 17 trigalight® micro tubes on the dial and hands for nighttime visibility

* Screw-down crown and exhibition case back

* Custom, integrated silicon strap

The combination of a Russian automatic movement, 20 atm water-resistance, 47 mm watch case, self-activated illumination tubes and an integrated silicon strap make the “Sea Monster” a standout model in the history of Vostok-Europe.

The new model line is the first step in the development of the new Vostok-Europe diver’s watches collection.

By TLex For further details of the EKRANOPLAN dive watches please visit Vostok-Europe. For the best deals on the EKRANOPLAN please visit Russia2All.com

[Please note the plane featured is the Lun Class EKRANOPLAN, BUT Vostok-Europe's dive watch is actually based on the EKRANOPLAN KM, a slightly larger cargo version. I just felt the Lun Class was a little cooler and sexier, and besides that my featured hot Soviet pilot flies the Lun Class!]

© Vostok-Europe

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