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100% German Made

By TLex
Kazimon are known for the quality of their dive watches, each model superbly engineered in Germany. Kazimon cases although outstanding in their design and finish were previously outsourced to a third party manufacturer. However this limited them somewhat, especially with regard delivery times.

Kazimon's answer to this, was to build the watch cases themselves. Their goal to
produce a slightly more affordable watch without compromising the quality and to be able to proudly say that the new Kazimon diver is 100% German Made. A great achievement!


Each Kazimon model is unmistakably a Kazimon owing to his unique dial design which is carried through in each watch.
Kazimon believe in their product and don’t wish owners to part with their watches. One way of doing this is by giving the wearers of their watches added freedom of choice and flexibility by offering interchangeable bezels.

These bezels will not be model specific either. You will be able to swap and change bezels from each of the different dive models, giving your Kazimon diver a multitude of different looks.
I guess you could say a Kazimon isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for life.


If you happen to be in Hamburg this month, please make a point of stopping by the Watch Fair from the 24th to 25th to meet with Kazim Kenzo himself, the man behind Kazimon Watches. There you be able to see his latest dive watch creation.

Here are a few specs; it will have a 42mm high grade stainless steel case. I have a Kazimon Funfhundert, which also has a 42mm, but it seems more like 44mm, Kazimon case sizes are very generous and Kazimon say that the new design will reflect this. The case back will be 3.8mm thick (please see images below). As with all Kazimon watches the new diver will incorporate a similar modern dial design that will be distinctively Kazimon in its appearance.


Now to the best part, there will be a special introductory price for all current Kazimon owners. Please stay tuned for further details. Good Luck with new project, Kazim!

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