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HaPpY 1st BiRtHdAy 'OceanicTime'

From TLex OceanicTime is one year old today! To celebrate this and as a way of a thanking all my readers and supporters, I will be hosting a couple of Giveaways.

You will have a chance to win a brand new REACTOR Gamma, courtesy of REACTOR Watch.


The opportunity to receive a brand new copy of what in my humble opinion is the most concise catalog of dive watches ever published, packed with hundreds of images of dive watches produced between 1958 and 2008.

I will post details of how to get your hands on the goodies in due course.

OceanicTime is continually evolving, but I have thus far achieved what I set out to do, which was to create the most complete dive watch resource on the net updated with the very latest industry news. I will continue to bring you as many posts, reviews and articles as I can, but I am just one man.

I am very proud to say that OceanicTime time is currently the number one result when you Google ‘dive watch blog’.

You may have noticed that I have finally posted contact details, so you will be able to give me some feed back and I will be able to answer any questions that you my have. oceanictime@oceanitime.net

My thanks to OceanicTime readers from all over the world and to the many great watch companies that have so kindly supplied me with such information and images of their latest releases.

* High end reviews
Ennebi, GP, JLC, IWC, Linde Werdelin, Omega, Panerai, Rolex

* Russian dive watch reviews
Bostok, Vostok Europe, Moscow Classic

* Dive computer reviews

Linde Werdelin, Suunto, Tissot, Citizen

More traditional blogging type posts; as I venture round the city speaking to my many watch friends including a feature on one of the only dive watch only boutiques I know of in the world.

* More interviews including an interview with one the hottest names in the watch industry today.

* More dive watch giveaways.

* The launch of OceanicTime.net

Thanks for your time everyone, I hope you will continue to enjoy OceanicTime for many more birthdays to come! THANK YOU!

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