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NFW ViperFish (colors)

From NFW Here are a few of the rough renderings where we explore colors. These are works in progress and just basic 2D renderings. But you can get an idea of how they look as we work through the process. I'll be making a bunch of tweaks to these, but these are a few that I'm liking so far.

First we'll figure out the autos and will then work on the details of the chronos.

Don't take the colors literally just yet. For example the very pale green C3 SuperLuminova looks sort of yellowish in these renderings. But again, this gives you a ballpark, rough idea of how they're beginning to come together into a 'line'.

Stainless with orange dial & C3 pale green SuperLuminova

Stainless with black dial & light green C3 SuperLuminova

All Black with bright blue SuperLuminova

Black case & bracelet with lime green dial (lime green will be much more intense than it appears here). The light green C3 SuperLuminova on the hands will probably be changed to white SuperLuminova, but the white doesn't glow as much as the C3 pale green, so I'm not sure yet . . .

All Black with orange accents

All Black with deep red dial


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