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ENNEBI Fondale ' Fabrizio Orlandini '

By TLex
Ennebi have collaborated with Tuscan goldsmith and sculptor, Fabrizio Orlandini to create their latest edition of the Fondale, the Fondale 'Fabrizio Orlandini'.

The Fondale which has an almost cult-like following among dive watch enthusiasts is a watch for the true 'dive watch connoisseur'. Its large 47mm case is made from the same grade 5 titanium that's used in aerospace construction and is depth-rated to a thousand meters.

Fabrizio's version of the Fondale remains true to the original from a technical standpoint, but adds a little artistic flare by means of a number subtle touches of 18kt gold; such as the crown, seconds hand and Fabrizio's monogram on the dial. As with most Fondale watches the bezel pip is also made of 18kt gold. Its case back is also signed by the artist and is numbered from 01 - 10. More details to follow . . .

© Ennebi

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